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Guitar Pedals

Guitarpedals.live by Skye Studios

 Guitarpedals.live is a website designed by musicians for musicians. While the focus is on guitar pedals is is about so much more. We want to attract and cultivate a community of creators passionate about finding their sound, finding their voice, and using it to become influencers in their community.

 Our site features practical demos of popular guitar pedals. We aim to teach the basics of each pedal, highlight unique characteristics, and inspire new creative sounds. We will continue to explore the most popular pedals on the market, and seek out new builders you may not know about. We will discuss the unique quirks in each pedal, and how we like to use them in our set ups

 We hope that viewers will begin to become more comfortable with their own gear and being to step into the unknown. To learn the basics of how these pedals are meant to be used, and push the limits into uncharted territories. 

Good playing and good tone is all about understanding how to communicate the idea in your head. Our videos focus not just on the specs of these guitar pedals, but help teach and train viewers how to think about how each pedal may be used. When we study other players too much time is spend coping what they do, rather than asking the reason why each musical decision was made. Here at Skye Studios and guitarpedals.live that’s we question we want to begin to ask.


Why is one pedal used at the beginning of the signal chain rather than the end. Why are the delay repeats so dark? Why does someone have two reverbs on their board. Once we understand the reason behind the decisions made we are able to create sounds that are similar in spirit, yet unique to our own voice. This is where true artistry begins, and these are the moments that inspire others for years to come.

The journey of a musician is life-long. We never reach the end, but we grow and adapt from where we began. At Skye Studios the beginning is guitar pedals, and the end is something we will find along the way. We invite you to join us on this journey. To explore and learn about new and exciting pedals. To grow your own understanding of what is possible and move further into the unknown. We are a community seeking to become more skilled in our craft. We are hoping build a foundation, a launching point from which we can break free.


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