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GUTR Headbands

GUTR Headbands

GUTR produces the best and most comfortable sweat headbands on the market. Instead of absorbing sweat, it channels the sweat from your forehead to the sides of your head, preventing it from getting into your eyes. Made out of a PVC material, GUTR headbands are flexible and easy to adjust. This incredible innovation is available in a few different sizes, guaranteeing it to fit any size head.

Do Sweat Gutr Headbands Really Work

Do sweat GUTR headbands really work? It might sound too good to be true, but Gutr headbands are truly amazing. When people sweat from their forehead, it drips directly to your eyes or glasses, causing your vision impaired. GUTR headbands channel sweat away from your eyes and down the side of your head. With other sweatbands, they just become saturated and end up dripping into your eyes anyway. 

GUTR produces the best and most comfortable sweat headbands on the market. Instead of absorbing sweat, it channels the sweat from your forehead to the sides of your head, preventing it from getting into your eyes. Made out of a PVC material, GUTR headbands are flexible and easy to adjust. This incredible innovation is available in a few different sizes, guaranteeing it to fit any size head.

Made from a PVC material, GUTR sweatbands are able to deflect water away from your eyes without becoming soggy. Sweat GUTR headbands don’t contain rubber or silicone, making them hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin. With the sleek design, GUTR headbands are breathable and maximize airflow to your head. Visit our website to learn more about the incredible benefits GUTR headbands have to offer.

Sweat Headbands

Finding a sweatband on the market that eliminates sweat dripping into the eyes without becoming soggy and saturated is difficult. Thankfully, GUTR sweat headbands are the solution you’ve been looking for. Their plastic design helps redirect sweat off of your forehead and down the side of your head, without getting any in your ears. 

But how could they be comfortable if they’re made of plastic? I’m glad you asked. The sweatbands made by GUTR are the softest ones you’ll wear. When your body temperature begins to rise, GUTR headbands soften to provide a nice, comfortable fit. It is very lightweight and versatile. GUTR guarantees that you will be extremely satisfied with their headbands, offering a 35-day period to return the product for a full refund (including any taxes) if not completely satisfied.

Best Sweat Headbands for Men 

When finding the right sweat headband for men, you’ll want to find one that will be comfortable and effective in keeping sweat out of your eyes and/or glasses. Whether it is strenuous indoor or outdoor activities, sweat headbands are the best friends that all men need. 

Typical sweatbands become over saturated and still allow sweat to drip into your eyes. Not GUTR. The sweat headbands made by GUTR are easy to use and lightweight and you won’t be bothered by sweat impairing your vision. It acts as a sort of gutter that channels sweat water from your forehead down the sides of your head. GUTR headbands have elastic and velcro, allowing it to adjust and fit any size head. When your done working out, all you need to do is rinse and go. Visit GUTR’s website to learn more about its amazing features.

Best Sweat Headbands for Women

Finding the best sweat headbands for women is extremely difficult. You want something that is effective and comfortable to wear. Most sweat headbands are bulky and don’t stay snug through strenuous physical activities. With GUTR headbands, there is no guesswork. Sporting a velcro and elastic design, GUTR sweat headbands can adjust and fit any person’s head. 

With many other headbands, you would need to run it in the wash in order to clean it - this is not the case with GUTR. All you need to do is rinse the headband and go. It’s truly that simple! It works great with longer hair, keeping sweat out of your eyes, even if you have bangs. Try a GUTR headband today; if you’re not satisfied, send it back within 35 days for a refund.

How to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes While Running

While running, sweat getting in your eyes is a common occurrence. Even a drop of sweat in the eyes can be a huge annoyance and render the enjoyment of a good run. So, you might be wondering how to keep sweat out of your eyes while running? Many people will wear a hat to keep the sweat out of their eyes; however, hats can make your head feel suffocated and overheated. Other people will carry a rag with them, but we all know how annoying it is to carry a dripping wet rag while trying to jog or run. Thankfully, there is an effective solution available on the market. 

GUTR sweat headbands are great for keeping that pesky sweat out of your eyes, especially while running. A lot of sweatband become loose and fall out of place while running; that’s not the case with GUTR sweat headbands. The design includes a slick elastic material with velcro so that it can easily fit any head shape, all while staying firmly in place. Unlike hats, you don’t have to worry about your head overheating because GUTR allows an incredible amount of circulation to your head with its sleek design. 

Since the GUTR headbands are fully resistant to sweat, you don’t have to put them in the washer. All you need to do is rinse and go! A GUTR headband is a great solution to getting sweat in your eyes. Try one today and reap the benefits.

Best Cycling Headband to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes

Keeping sweat out of your eyes is one of the greatest challenges cyclists face - other than a jagged terrain. There are many headbands available, but finding one that fits right with a helmet is definitely difficult. Thankfully, there is an effective solution to solve this. 

GUTR headbands work great with helmets and sunglasses, staying secure without feeling uncomfortable or in the way. Many cyclists have proclaimed the beauty of using GUTR while riding. They claim that it is much easier to wear and doesn’t give them a headache like other headbands. Other headbands become over saturated, making it only a matter of time before it starts to drip into your eyes. 

GUTR redirects sweat from your forehead to the sides of your head, eliminating the potential of sweat burning your eyes. Other sweatbands require you to wash it in the washer on a regular basis, leading them to live shorter lives. Because of GUTR’s resistance to sweat, all you need to do in order to clean them is simply rinse and go! Try it today - GUTR offers a 35-day guarantee period; if you’re not satisfied with it, you can send it back for a refund.

Why Cyclists Choose Gutr Headbands

When riding, it is important that a cyclists keeps sweat out of their eyes so that they can see the road in front of them. That’s why it is important to have some sort of device that keeps sweat from getting into the cyclist’s eyes. There are many sweatbands available on the market, so how do you know if you’re getting the right one? 

Many sweat headbands work well for the first 45 minutes of cycling; then, the sweat takes over. At this point, there is a lot of sweat build up on the sweatband and it has become overly saturated, leading to the inevitable - dripping. This has caused a major inconvenience for cyclists, spurring them to look for a better solution. Thankfully, there is the GUTR sweat headband. 

The reason why cyclists choose GUTR headbands is because of its sleek design and ability to fit well while wearing a helmet. The headband goes right across the center of your forehead, allowing plenty of room for the helmet to sit comfortably right above. GUTR recommends that the back of the headband should be high enough on the head to be above the fastening device of the helmet. It might seem a little snug at first, but once you begin to ride and your body temperature increases, the sweatband softens and gels to your forehead without feeling sticky or uncomfortable. 

The GUTR headbands cover less surface area than our competitors, thus allowing for better circulation, keeping the cyclist cool. Because of its amazing resistance to sweat, the GUTR sweat headband doesn’t need to be washed in a washing machine - all you have to do is rinse with water and you’re ready to go. Try a GUTR sweat headband today to see how you, as a cyclist, can keep the sweat out of your eyes.

What is the Best Sweat Headband to Wear While Working Out

Working out is a challenge that is met with mixed reviews by people all over the world; some people love it while others hate it. There is no in between. However, there is one nuisance that everyone can agree is awful: sweat getting in your eyes. This can cause more pain than the actual workout. 

You’re now probably wondering how to keep sweat out of your eyes while working out. There are many options available when it comes to preventing sweat from getting in your eyes - a rag, a headband, even vaseline; with the most effective being headbands. But what is the best sweat headband to wear while working out? There are many options to sweat headbands; some are big and bulky, others are ugly and itchy. However, GUTR is not one of these. With its sleek design, GUTR headbands fit comfortably on the head without compromising effectiveness. 

Other headbands become over saturated way too quickly; not GUTR. GUTR is designed to redirect water away from your eyes and down the sides of your head, without getting in your ears. GUTR has a variety of different sized headbands that will fit any head. The original SWEAT GUTR has a channel that is 7.75” in length, while the FLEX model has one that is a little longer at 8”. The XXL version, with a 9” channel, is designed for people who have a wider distance between their temples. 

In addition to the sizing, GUTR sweat headbands have also been designed to be hypoallergenic. Made from a PVC compound, there is absolutely no rubber or silicone that can cause irritation to a person’s skin.

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Headband While Exercising

Exercising is difficult enough, the last thing you need is for your vision to be impaired by sweat dripping into your eyes. Even worse is when you are wearing sunscreen. One of the best solutions to this problem is by simply wearing a sweatband. In fact, there are a few benefits to wearing a sports headband while exercising. 

In addition to eliminating the potential of getting sweat in your eyes, headbands can be a great way to hold hair in place. Many sweat headbands cover your hair and leave it messy and gross. Due to GUTR’s sleek design, you can count on the fact that it won’t mess up your hair as much as other leading headbands on the market. This sleek design also means that GUTR headbands will not leave a mark on your forehead due the tension being evenly distributed around the head.

Sweat Gutr Review

There are so many reviews of GUTR headbands online. Many of these are on bike forums. Cyclists have compared GUTR with a leading competitor on these forums, expressing their reasoning for purchasing each. Most praise GUTR’s ability to stay dry when compared to other leading sweat headbands. Many of them are perfuse sweaters, so having a product that doesn’t become saturated is extremely important to them. 

In climates that are especially hot, such as the South and Midwest, long-distance cyclists express their gratitude for having a product that does a superior job in keeping sweat out of their eyes. People have also said in their sweat GUTR review that their headbands are incredibly effective in channeling the sweat from their foreheads, away from their eyes and glasses, and down the sides of their heads. 

With other products, people complained about having to wring them out on occasion - this is not the case with GUTR sweat headbands. On several different websites, GUTR receives 4+ stars with a vast majority of people saying that they would recommend a Sweat GUTR headband to their friends.

How to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes During Football Season

Football season is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Whether you’re a player or just a fan, football is an exciting season that many look forward to. However, it can be very hot under the helmets the football players wear - especially towards the beginning of the season. With the intense heat comes intense sweat. This sweat then drips into their eyes, causing their vision to be impaired, preventing them from making a crucial play. As a result, football players need something to keep the sweat out of their eyes. 

There are some effective ways of how to keep sweat out of your eyes during football season. Most sweatbands that football players are keen to wearing become over saturated, requiring them to remove their helmets and wring it out. This process can be extremely inconvenient, especially since a player might not get that opportunity until it’s too late. With Sweat GUTR headbands, you don’t have to worry about the sweatband becoming damp. Because of the PVC material GUTR sweat headbands are made out of, they not only deflect sweat from your eyes, but also are hypoallergenic.

Does My Sweat Headband Work With Helmets

Whether you’re riding a bike or motorcycle, wearing a helmet is essential in keeping you safe. Helmets, however, can cause you to sweat more than you would if you weren’t wearing one. This is where sweat headbands come into play. You might be wondering, “does my sweat headband work with helmets?” Typically, most sweat headbands fit well under helmets; however, there are downsides. 

Many headbands become over saturated, requiring you to pull over your bike or motorcycle, take off your helmet, and wring out the sweatband. This can put a huge dent into the momentum of your ride. This is why it is important to find a headband that will keep the sweat out of your eyes while remaining un-saturated. This is where Sweat GUTR headbands jump in. Due to the soft plastic material they’re made out of, GUTR sweat headbands remain completely dry.

What is the Most Comfortable Headband to Wear While Working Out

Working out releases endorphins, promoting positive feelings throughout the body. While working out can make you feel good, it definitely doesn’t feel good when you get sweat in your eyes. In order to keep sweat of their eyes, many people rely on the use of a sweat headband. There are many options, but what is the most comfortable headband to wear while working out? 

Many headbands are made of a material that becomes soggy and end up dripping in the eyes of the wearer. They are also one-size-fits-all, which can lead to it being too loose or too tight. Most of the sweat headbands on the market are nonadjustable or require you to tie a knot in the back, which can become loose after engaging in strenuous physical activities. They also can be mad of fabrics that are itchy and cause skin irritation. With GUTR sweat headbands, you eliminate all of these issues. 

GUTR headbands come with a variety of sizes and adjustable elastic closure bands that are sure to fit snug on any head without becoming uncomfortable. GUTR also uses a PVC material that does not include rubber or silicone, making it hypoallergenic and a great option for people with sensitive skin. Try a Sweat GUTR headband today to reap its amazing benefits while working out.

Is The Gutr Headband Comfortable to Wear

With all of this being said, is the GUTR headband comfortable to wear? Many headbands on the market are itchy and don’t fit quite right, but not the GUTR headband. GUTR headbands come in three different sizes that are sure to fit any head:

- SWEAT GUTR - 7.75” channel
- FLEX GUTR - 8” channel
- XXL Version - 9” channel

In addition to the different sizes, GUTR sweat headbands have adjustable elastic closure bands with stainless steel clasps, guaranteeing that your headband will last for a long time. The PVC material that GUTR headbands are made out of is flexible and soft, adjusting to your head as your body temperature increases, resulting in maximum comfort. The GUTR headband is the most comfortable sweatband that you will wear.

Most headbands become soggy and end up dripping in your eye, defeating the purpose of wearing one. A GUTR headband is the best solution to their traditional counterparts. Offering a sleek design that deflects sweat rather than absorbing it, GUTR is perfect for keeping sweat out of your eyes for the duration of your workout, all while maintaining comfort and style. Let GUTR make you forget that you’re sweating.

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