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What is Foil Fencing and What Type of Weapon is Used?

The Foil weapon is kind of a mix of the Epee and Saber. It has the smallest guard out of the three types of fencing swords. These are the Epee, the Foil, and the Sabre, also called Saber.

What are the Rules for Foil Weapon?

When fighting, the rules are basically the same as Epee in that you have to stay within the torso area. It's kind of like the Saber, but you can’t slash. 

There a few restrictions as far as the rules go, but as far as how you move in the footwork aspect of it there is no restriction, like in Sabre.
You can move anywhere within that fencing strip. You’ll be ok as long as you hit your opponent’s torso area. That’s really the main restriction you have with this weapon. 

What is Fencing Foil Sword?

The Foil Fencing Sword was more of a small arm that was used back in the day. It was mainly a sidearm. Unlike the Epee it wasn’t a main weapon that was used for dueling or the Sabre that was used for a cavalry weapon.

a both of them a little bit but not too many has the smallest guard have the three and something like that but you got to stab but you can only in the Torso area kind of like the sabre but you can't slash and you there's a little bit of restrictions as far as the rules go but as far as like how you move during the strip the footwork aspect of it there's no restrictions to it so I can Savor you can kind of move anywhere within that the fencing strip and you'll be okay as long as you hit that torso area that's really the main restriction you had with this weapon and with this weapon it was more of a small arm that was back in the day and wasn't really like a sidearm wasn't really like a main weapon like the epee that was used for dueling & Savor that was used for a Calvary weapon

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