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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Schockwave therapy

 Dustin Wolfe I'm the president and co-founder of the Novus anti-aging Center . Looking for a Erectile Dysfunction Provider Near You ?and every couple of weeks we like to bring a new segment of educational videos to the audience to kind of you know get the word out there about things that we do that answers a lot of questions that people might have on some of the services that we form here in the office and today I'd like to talk about low-intensity extracorporeal Shockwave therapy which is a very long term for the term shock wave and shock wave therapy is used for a lot of different things a lot of different modalities on the Sheraton Novis we actually use shock wave therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease among some other things like plantar fasciitis but that's a different conversation what I'd like to do is educate the audience a little bit today about shock wave therapy how it relates to erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's diseasepeople don't know what Peyronie's disease this disease is a buildup of plaque or scar tissue in the shaft of the penis which which will actually curve the penis overtime and for a lot of guys can be a very embarrassing I'm be pretty painful during intercourse so what we do is we treat Peyronie's disease with shock wave therapy okay and shock wave therapy administered through a sound wave machine right that's non-invasive and it's all natural okay this isn't anything new by the way I'll get into the history in a minute of Shockwave therapy but it's an all natural non-invasive technique that we use through a an FDA cleared on technology and machine here in the office and it's done over the course of about 6 treatments okay so it takes 6 treatments to do what we're trying to accomplishextracorporeal shock wave therapy or shock wave therapy has been around for a very long time so a group of doctors in Europe about 25 years ago got together and they started experimenting using these machines on guys that had erectile dysfunction of Peyronie's disease and what had happened is the results for astounding there started getting an amazing response from his patients guys it had erectile dysfunction before no longer had erectile dysfunction guys that had Peyronie's disease which is a curvature of the shop there shaft started to straighten out over the course of a few weeks so needless to say this isn't anything new you know a lot of people have never heard of it but it's been around here for a very long time so the science behind after Corporal Shockwave therapy is is exactly that sits using sound waves to break up the micro plaque in the blood vessels of the penis that's the major cause of erectile dysfunction men develop micro black in the blood vessels of the penis and this is safely and effectivelyRoseanne and breaks up the plaque in the blood vessels it's like unclogging a drain okay so when calling in the drain so that blood can flow back into the penis what's that. Fox actually prevent it that's why men develop a right now so it's extremely effective and it has an 80 to 90% success rate at notice we have a higher success rate here because we're pretty selective about who we work with and we want to make sure you're a good candidate for this type of treatment before we bring you into the office and actually start the sessions almost every guy is a good candidate for this type of treatment but here are the things that make you a bad candidate for this okay I'm just going to be brutally honest maybe your heavy smoker heavy drinker severely overweight or heavily medicated it's usually combination of those three or four things everybody else is a great candidate for this here watching the news if you have any questions about shock wave therapy as it pertains to erectile dysfunction or Peyronie's disease please feel free to visit our website or call the office I'm happy to hop on a call and give you a free consultation

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