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I bet you're kind of like the polar opposite you is really not really too many rules with that all you can hit anywhere in the body including like the toes all the way up to the head is the heaviest weapons got a big guard covers your whole hand the only stabbed with this weapon and the reason that isn't because looking button here so if you hit with like the blade itself is not going to register events electric it's just going to hurtat the press the button pretty hard for it to go off and on this one has a pistol grip sometimes different grips with this usually it's going to be shaped like a pistol or we'll just be a flat at the sabre called a French grip and same thing that thick particle Forte The Tempest called and like I said I could give this weapon to anyone without any previous fencing experience negative start renting right away because you can just hit any part of the body there's no restrictions on how you can move you can just go at it and just starts at

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