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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography     

    When it comes to Aerial Photography and all your other aerial services, look no further than All Day Drones. We offer top quality aerial photography and videography, reaching clients such as: realtors, property management groups, construction sites, parties, weddings and much more! We are driven to bring the best out of every venue and scenario. looking for quality aerial picture and video without breaking your bank? We are your perfect solution. It is our mission statement to help improve and increase traffic to your business by providing top content for a reasonable price. using our service automatically bumps you up past your competitors. "Always flying, rising and moving forward together" We only improve when you improve. It's our goal to continuously provide the best content possible for our customers, whether it be a fly around shot of the home you are selling, or you and your SO sealing the deal on your special day. Aerial Real Estate Photography is a hot new market that is being filled with all kinds of users. Those who are flying for the first time wishing to make quick cash, and then those who are veteran flyers out looking to create the highest quality content for their clients. ADD falls into the category where we are out to create the best content.

    Aerial Photography Drone has been around longer than the use of UAS, that doesn't mean traditional aerial photography is better. It's quite the opposite, with todays technology we are able to fly and capture in a quicker time than it would take for traditional methods. Although just because you own a drone doesn't mean  you are flying with the best equipment. Some drones have great flight times but poor cameras, and then some have poor flight times but great cameras and then some are in the middle with great cameras and good flight time. Again, owning a drone doesn't make you an aerial photography master. And yes, sure it doesn't take much to learn how to fly most drones, but to really get the most out of your fly time, it takes practice and countless flights to become a top drone pilot. The Aerial Photography Business is a great way for you to get high resolution pictures for any of your needs.

    Once you feel you have the hang of flying and recording and doing pass by's you then need to do something with all of your footage!
So great, you have all this fancy birds eye view footage but then what? does it magically make it's way onto the Internet? No, of course it doesn't, you will need to invest into an editing software and become fluid at it. depending on which software you go with and how tech savvy you may be will determine how long edits take you. Don't forget about the editing process which could be more tedious than the flying itself. Me personally, I enjoy editing, so to me it isn't as tedious.