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There are multiple ways to help your business grow and increase your income. You want to be able to provide individualized and quality care to each patient. This can be one of the greatest contributing factors in creating a more successful medical practice. By providing this high standard of care, you can aide in increasing your patient volume through “word of mouth” marketing – retaining your existing patients and gaining new patients through referrals.

                                  Q4 Balancing & Correcting Technique 

The Q4 Balancing & Correcting Technique will teach you how to confidently treat each individual in a holistic way. Another key to increase your professional business income is to continuously educate yourself, as well as your staff, on any/all products available in your practice (ex. Young Living Essential Oils, supplements, etc.) The more knowledgeable you and your staff are about products, the more confident everyone will be. This among many other strategies and techniques are presented in the Q4 Balancing & Correcting Technique.

How Can I Hire the Right People to Help Me Grow My Chiropractic Practice

By using a simple, yet effective technique, I can show you how to identify the major personality types as well as how each of these “personalities” works best, which other personalities they work best with, and how each type can thrive in your practice. By teaching you these major personality types, you will learn how to better utilize your current staff and hire the right new employees. This kind of information can be vital to helping your staff better interact with each other as well as the patients in your practice, ultimately aiding your business to grow and prosper. It is also important to remember that hiring an individual who is passionate about what you do is very important. Hiring based off of personality versus hiring based on credentials can sometimes benefit the business long term.   


It is crucial to both you and your staff members to set personal goals as well as to help establish your business goals. In order to achieve something great, you have to set a crystal clear goal. Following these 4 easy steps is  setting these attainable goals:

  1. Know Your Purpose
  2.  Set a Crystal Clear Goal 
  3.  Clear Any Negative, False Beliefs
  4.  Have Someone to Hold You Accountable & Committed
 The Q4 Balancing & Correcting Technique can aide you in successfully completing these steps, with a guide to help with setting both personal and professional goals to achieve success. It has been shown that FEAR seems to be one of the main inhibitors that can hold people back from achieving their goals. This is a result of a great percentage of individuals operating on F.U.D.



D: Doubt

These three things can keep you feeling like you cannot do anything productive. Let me show you how to operate out of faith, so that you CAN achieve abundance in your personal life and in your professional life. 



One of the greatest things that you can do to help boost your entire staff’s motivation and confidence is to have them take ownership of their own work in the business/practice. It is equally important to allow each staff member to gain ownership of their own business within the business. This is key to building not only your business/practice’s income, it also allows the staff  to achieve personal business successes, ultimately helping your medical practice to grow. You want to positively motivate each of your staff members while allowing them to also see the “bigger picture”, giving them the opportunity to create their own business growth.

7 Steps to Building an Effective and Motivated Staff for Your Medical Practice

1. Share Your Vision

2. Involve Employees in Goal Setting/Activity Planning

3. Explain the Why

4. Delegate Authority, Not Just Work

5. Encourage Staff to Solve Their Own Problems

6. Hold Staff Accountable

7. Provide Constructive Feedback