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Digital Optimization's Featured Video

Secondary Key Word Optimization

Our system is designed on an algorithm and machine learning platform which get smarter and better every day. However, it's very important to understand what drives the machine - and in this video we're going to show you some simple yet very powerful ways to make the most out of your INCLINE. With over 3 billion searches a day happening a day online, consumers are engaging at a higher level than ever before. The consumption of digital content continues to rise, and there's no doubt that high-quality, well optimized content gets consumed by the masses. The good news is that your amazing content along with strategy and our technology can create amazing results.

Consumers want great content, and cell phone user looks at their smart device on average 100 times the day hoping to find great content to engage them. Our platform will help you optimize your content in many ways, including what we call "money words" and "supporting words."  Money words are those that you know will increase your brand equity, your revenue, your sales, your brand recognition… Those are the hard words that everybody wants to be found for, and we're going to focus on those primarily. However, the secondary words are those words that support the money words, and they're equally as important to the whole platform. We've designed he titles of each section of our profile page and our ingestion engine to indicate to the platform what's most important to you. Supporting content is very important as well, and we have included the ability to add pictures and links to your profile so you can include anything you think is relevant to supporting your money word and/or engage your customers.

We believe over 90% of all consumed content on the web will be video by 2020, and those who are optimizing for that today will be ahead of the game, and benefit for many years to come - which is what we call a win win win! Something we talk about a lot is long-term customer value, and if you create your videos in such a way that are engaging today and in the future, they will provide customer value as well as great incline opportunities in the future.

The more great content you put on the platform today, the steeper your incline tomorrow.