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Custom Home Builder in Evergreen Colorado

Mark English Custom Home Builder Evergreen Colorado

We, at Mark English Custom Home Builders, have experience building for a large market segment-from the young family looking for a starter home to the empty nester who wants one floor living for their senior years.  Each offers its own special challenges as well as its own rather unique advantages.  We are distinctly qualified to assist You because we are the #1 source for workable, hands-on advice about any facet of custom home construction in the Rocky Mountains. We can blend all the factors including budget, construction financing, quality, location, topography and square footage into a special package that fits all Your needs. We are a quality conscience builder whose proven construction techniques assure that You will build smarter, better, quicker and for less money.  Building Evergreen Colorado Custom Homes is not just a set of plans and a list of sub-contractor names. It is an intricate, complete entity that not only includes detailed set of custom designed plans for the building but a detailed site plan and all the specifications for the labor, the products and the systems needed to complete the total project. You will need to plan Your home construction to assure a precise, detailed, quality project from land selection to final trim.  We have the building experience to help You do just that.


In the last 25 years, Mark and Ann English have built many Evergreen Colorado Custom Homes; Mark English’s approach to building new homes is both professional and practical.  We offer our customers everything they want with a comprehensive building program which shares with them tips, strategies and the very latest techniques and technologies available. We keep them on top of the latest building trends.  We advise our people on the right path to take, presenting them with countless ideas and suggestions to build on. Our customers have come to expect the highest quality and the very latest in design and engineering.  Whether You are concerned with a unique and practical building program, if build green is Your goal or if You are just looking for a competitive price in the mountains; You can depend on us.

 Mark English Custom Homes 

Our patrons depend on us for practical solutions, hands on expertise, up to date building systems and the best value.  We are never afraid, nor do we discourage, talking about money; costs are always a consideration.  It is a known fact in the building trades that people who build their own house don’t save money and, in fact, pay more than if they had hired a bonafide contractor to build the home for them.  If a homeowner does not have experience buying and negotiating prices, does not have wholesale buying power and established building trade accounts with suppliers and professional sub-contractors; then they will pay 25%-40% more for almost everything ( please remember Home Depot and Lowe’s are retailers and charge retail prices).  Every $1000.00 You spend extra costs 4-5 % more in sales tax alone.  A copy of the yellow pages for purchasing and the building inspector for your quality control is a poor substitute for trade discounts and professional management.  Like so many things in life “the secret is that there is no secret;” if You want a high quality product at a competitive price You will need a professional to represent Your interest exclusively when building Your Evergreen Colorado Custom Home.

One of the major areas of concern when planning a new Evergreen Colorado Custom Home is the careful development of the land.  More money can be wasted in this phase of the project than any other.  Colorado has many complicated land usage laws.  Not reckoning on these laws or not properly figuring the cost of land improvements can seriously affect the bottom line of the entire project. We are also real estate agents in Colorado and can legally protect, advise and represent You when buying dealing with local county officials.

So, please give us a call and we can help You get started.  We are here to serve You and Your satisfaction is our only goal.  Give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to talk with You.  I am sure You will find us a primary source of valuable information on the latest government rules and regulations, the news regarding any aspect of the construction industry and the low down on all the new products and systems on the market. 

Please find attached some of the home we have constructed in the Evergreen Rocky Mountain Area.

Thank You for considering Mark English Custom Homes,

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