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The shows I was always drawn to when I was younger where the ones where you'd have this really nerdy character that kind of hit in the background and then you have this kind of jock everyone lives most popular guy in school and he sees this person this this girl who looks scared and who definitely isn't trying to get any attention on herself and he he sees the potential in her and somehow he uncovers this whole new identity for this girl retard favorite thing about you if you give chip a boundary he's going to break that boundary if you give him a rule he's not going to follow it if you tell him can't go pass this line so over it Joanna is like the purest most stable person I've ever met I don't want to be surprised my wife is a bit of a Wallflower you know I joke with her pretty publicly that she was almost awkward when we first met he was when he wants to talk and dig I don't want to talk I just want to eat my fry I would have been the guy bought a horseback riding off into the Wilderness I mean that's who I sort of was by nature and show could not be more opposite than that here in failure go through one ear and out the other a little voice in your ear that talks when you're being quiet my little voice tells me how handsome I am tells me how funny I am tells me how rich I'm going to be you knows just costly talking you can't censor chat I used to drive my truck and I would play a little game with myself to see how out of gas I could get without in fact running completely out of gas and she was like why would anybody want to play that for someone who is a rule 40 it's it's it's an adventure I think like loving somebody is top rolled down James Dean and whomever flying through the mountains go into fast Reckless and your idea was no bubble tape yeah sitting around eating Church's Chicken if I didn't have games in my life I'd still be dreaming in my head but not acting out on any of that not living it out push me you push me out of my comfort zone I like comfortable predictable and you push me am I any of those or predict chip but you're definitely not predictable I think that's one of the reasons that I love her like I do I mean I feel like she knows me in a way that that is caused need to stop acting you know I feel like I've really been an actor I've been a character my whole life I've always tried to prove something to someone do the microphone thing that makes me feel me the time that I came home from that guy's trip and he's Texas do I look fat make sure your jeans are too tight what do I look just like that watch your everything when I caught her I finally felt content for the first time in my life I felt like I could be exactly who I was interesting I've learned so much about order and structure and processes through my wife and God is all of those things to me now but at the beginning God was just chaotic to me he was wild he was Untamed he was on unruly and I I like that but God had a funny way of bringing me chip to almost have this reality of what it's like to follow Christ which is a lot of the things were going to push you to place of discomfort a lot of things are going to push should a place of freaking out it takes someone who's externally that's what I'm at assistance helps me get it out there cuz it's healthier to be out there than in the Box anymore I don't want to play it safe because the impact is is over here on the other side you were like a flower in desperate need of water you've blossomed in a way it's really fascinating to watch I was made for a reason and I need to I need to let whatever God has created me for that that's that needs to be known I don't need to stay hidden the prettiest did good on your makeup my walk with God when I was little and all the way up until like my twenties was always play by the rules you'll be blessed but then I met chip and I feel like now it's when you take a step out in faith when it makes absolutely no sense I think that's where the greater reward is no telling where that will take you look at my name is Joanna Gaines and I am second then I'm Chip Gaines and I am second I don't think that again

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