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Inflatable Outdoor Air Lounger for the Pool, Beach, Camping and Music Festivals!

Inflatable Outdoor Air Lounger for the Pool, Beach, Camping and Music Festivals!

You’ve seen them on Amazon, Youtube, and Facebook…but how well do they work? Which is the best inflatable air lounger? How easy are they to inflate? How do I inflate it? Do they really float in the pool? You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers!

What is the BEST inflatable air lounger on the market

We’ve tried Woohoo Bags, the Chillbo Baggins, Whozzu Air Loungers and everything in between! After comparing all of these, our decision for the absolute best inflatable lounger is by far the Nature and Chill Inflatable Lounger - and here’s why!

The Nature and Chill Air Lounger has a unique single air pocket design! Many of the other loungers have two individual air pockets that need to be separately inflated, taking twice the work! As you can see in the video above, the single air pocket is MUCH more convenient and easy to inflate! If you’re still having trouble inflating it, just watch the video above!

Most of the air loungers we tried are the older “banana” shape design. The problem with this design is that it doesn’t offer much neck support! The Nature and Chill lounger has a newer and more comfortable square shaped headrest design. This design has a squared end that acts like a comfortable pillow for your head!

Okay so several inflatable air loungers are capable of floating on water so this isn't exactly a reason to choose the Nature and Chill lounger, but we wanted to make sure you knew because HOW COOL IS THAT?? It's not super easy to get into once you're already in the water, but we can confirm this lounger is waterproof and definitely will float you around the pool! However we certainly do not recommend using this as a life saving device. Be careful and don't use it if you can't swim! Use common sense please! :)

If you can blow it up, and it’s super comfortable, AND it floats on the water... what more do you need?

How to inflate an inflatable air lounger!

This is by far the most common issue people have with air loungers! If you don’t believe me, just go read the Amazon reviews on any brand of inflatable lounger! People leave poor reviews almost daily simply because they can’t get it to air up!

The easiest way to learn how to inflate your air lounger is to watch the video above! It is detailed step by step. If for some reason you can’t see the how to video, we will list the steps below!

1. Open the mouth of the lounger, and hold the mouth vertically (not horizontally). Hold the lounger parallel to the floor, with one of the mouth edges nearly touching the floor. Then take a step forward while pulling the lounger forward to "scoop" air into it.

Do not spin in circles to scoop air into the lounger. The spinning motion will cause the bag to fold around you and not take in air. 

2. As soon as the forward motion stops, immediately close the mouth of the bag to trap the air. Repeat until the bag is about 70% full of air. It should take somewhere between 5-10 scoops to fill. If it takes you a few more, that is okay…it gets easier as you do it more!

3. With air in the bag, roll the mouth end 4-5 times until air is compressed and the air lounger is tight. You may roll as many times as you would like to make the bag more firm or soft.

4. Grab the corner ends of the mouth and bend until clips come together, then buckle and lounge! 

We hope you've enjoyed our inflatable lounger review! If you're interested in purchasing your own Inflatable Lounger start by clicking here to browse on Amazon!

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