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How Do I Know if My Air Conditioning in Arlington TX Needs Service or Repair

How Do I Know if My Air Conditioning in Arlington TX Needs Service or Repair 

If you are living in or around Arlington, Texas, you understand the need for maintaining your air conditioner at all times throughout the year. Air conditioning Arlington TX is necessary throughout most of the year, so keeping up on repairs and monitoring your air conditioner or home system is imperative. Knowing a few issues to look out for with your air conditioning can let you know if you are in need of professional services and repairs to keep your cooling system working at all times.

Knowing what to look for when your air conditioning requires service is a way to avoid interruption and potentially costly repairs.

Poor Air Flow

In many cases when you are experiencing poor air flow with your air conditioning setup, it is likely the result of poorly-maintained ducts and vents. Cleaning your vents and having a professional team that offers Arlington heating and air services to clean your home's ducts is highly recommended. Having your ducts professionally cleaned by air conditioning Arlington TX companies keeps air flowing properly at all times without contributing to the destruction of your air conditioner.

No Cold Air

When you stop feeling any cool air coming from your air conditioner or the vents throughout your home, your air conditioner's compressor may have failed. Many times when a compressor has failed, you may be required to invest in a new air conditioner altogether depending on its make and model number. At times, however, this can be a sign of low Freon levels, which can be increased to repair your system altogether with less expense.

Moisture Buildup in the Wrong Places

If there is water buildup surrounding your air conditioner, this is often a sign that your air conditioner has a drainage tube that is meant for condensation gathering that is leaking or entirely broken. While this issue is less serious than most problems with air conditioners, it can quickly lead to mold growth and poses health issues over time. 

Another highly dangerous and more serious problem with moisture buildup with air conditioners is a possibility that your system is leaking refrigerant. If the refrigerant is detected as the leak, it is essential to search for AC repairs Arlington TX as quickly as possible as this can lead to serious illness and is also potentially fatal.

Issues With Your Thermostat

If you have noticed that various areas of your home are not the same temperature when you are running your air, there may be trouble with your air conditioner's thermostat. If all of your vents are pumping out air or the air conditioner itself seems to be working properly, your thermostat may be in need of repair. Record the temperature in each of your room's and compare it to the temperature you have set to see whether or not this may be the case in your home.

Odd Smells and Sounds

Smells that are foul and smell "burnt" are likely to mean that the insulation of your air conditioner's wiring has been burned out. However, if you smell a musty odor, this can signal mold throughout the ducts in your home, which should be cleaned by professionals to avoid potential illness. Standing near your air conditioner unit or setup while also smelling from various vents of the home can give you more insight into what may be the issue and the best route to repair.

Arlington Heating and Air

If you hear odd sounds coming from your air conditioner, there are a few problems you may have encountered. If you hear your air conditioner making a "grinding" sound, this may be due to the conditioner's motor or the bearings within the air conditioner itself. Squealing sounds are one of the most common issues when an air conditioner is broken or not working properly while making strange sounds. A squealing sound is likely to indicate that a belt within the air conditioner is broken and requires replacement.

My AC is Blowing Hot Air in Arlington Texas

If the belt or motor's bearings are not the cause of the issue you are experiencing with your air conditioner, it is necessary to seek professional help from an air conditioning company as quickly as possible. When your air conditioner is making odd noises, it can also mean that the unit is shutting down and will no longer be repairable if you do not give the air conditioner the proper repairs immediately.

AC Repairs Arlington TX

When you have a better understanding of AC repairs Arlington TX and you are informed on what to look for with your own air conditioner, it is much easier to get the service you require in less time. Siimpler Heating and AC is an Arlington heating and air company that prides itself on excellent customer service and professionalism. When you are in need of air conditioner repair or service, be sure to call Siimpler Heating & AC today