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6 Reasons to Live in the Mountains of Angel Fire NM

Hi guys! Mike Woolley from Remax Mountain Realty up here in Angel Fire New Mexico. Just want to give you a list of reasons that you might want to live here or own some vacation property in the mountains!

Pristine Relaxation

There are countless things to do one of my favorite things is just to sit on my deck with a cup of coffee and look at the beauty around me. We got wildlife - elk, deer, etc. - but just to sit there in solitude where it's quiet... We don't have city traffic, we don't have smog, it's just pristine.

Easier to Stay in Shape and Live Healthy

If you're an exercise freak, well here in the mountains we got a whole new way to do it. You just go outside! you hike, you run, you can take a leisurely stroll, it just naturally happens!

Amazing Golf

If you're golfer you can act like you're one of the big boys when you're hitting the ball with altitude, because the ball goes a whole lot further up here in the mountains. Nothing quite like hitting it down the fairway with pine trees on either side of you, popping it on the green and making that 2-putt for a par. Okay, if you get lucky you make your birdie...  

Countless Winter Activities

Of course the winter activities there just a plethora of them up here. You can take the kids sledding, skiing, Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing... the options are limitless!

Real Stars that You Can See

At altitude you can see the stars I know you got stars in the big city but up here we've got a billion gazillion stars, and you can see them all, every night!

Surrounded by Natural Beauty

When there is a foot of snow in the valley and a full moon, well you can see forever! In fact, you could drive without your lights on - not that you would... Well maybe I did once or twice, but it is just spectacular - nothing like it.

My mountain town is Angel Fire New Mexico - we've got a million and a half acres of the Carson national forest and Angel Fire is just an undiscovered gem in the Rocky Mountains. If you'd like to know more about how we can help you find your own piece of mountain magic, then we want you to contact us at the information we're giving you. We'd love to see you up here and we'd love for you to be able to enjoy the mountains like we do.

Mike Woolley saying thanks for listening!

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