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Incline Success Story

Incline Success Story and Digital Optimization Overview

"A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats"


Our platform works, because our members work the platform. 

In this new digital economy it is more important to work together to compete against the BIG 4.

It is estimated that they bring in $60 Million and HOUR (on average) together, and a huge percentage of that is going into their pockets.

Lets do some simple math:

Most of it comes from advertisers willing to pay for traffic, right!

Where does the traffic come from? The eco-system....thats right web masters, you tubers and users CONSUMING digital content faster than ever before.

SO today, we have the BIG 4 managing the process and then sharing a little bit with those who actually do all the work, provide all the talent and brain power.....while the consumers, CONSUME and the BIG 4 get richer.

What if there was a way to shift all that, and give credit where credit is due.

  • Give the lions share to the talent doing the videos we can't get enough of.
  • Give the web master and the content creators their fare share.

Keep a small piece for the platform, but with the intent of passing the majority of the money paid by willing advertisers back to the creators.

Wouldn't it be nice if you were to use a search engine tool, that actually paid you back for using it?

Wouldn't be great if your content was so awesome that it created brand awareness and helped a business make sales and YOU THE CREATOR actually got a real cut of the proceeds?

Well thats where we are headed. There a "NO RULES" in this new digital economy, and there is nothing saying that the BIG 4 have to stay the BIG 4.

I know it sounds like a stretch, but they did not even exist 15 years ago...so who knows what the next 15 years hold.


Here is our thesis...

Technology has evolved, and it is much easier to deploy that ever before.

The BIG 4 offer what we call "DIGITAL ESSENTIALS"

  • Social Sharing (we love to engage with each other-it is part of who we are and how we are wired)
  • Connivance (These are the tools we love, like Answer Questions, SEARH, WATCH and SEND....tools that make our life easier..so we can do the more meaningful things like SOICAL)

We are try consumers, so BUY is a category all on its own.

SO if you could have the DIGITAL ESSENTIALS at your fingertips, jut like you do today...but named something different and GET A PART OF THE DIGITAL ECONOMY created by it, would you be willing to switch.

The answer is most limey YES, but....

  • But you have to be as cool as my current social tool
  • But you have to be as accurate as my current search tool
  • But you have to have great constable content like my favorite WATCH tool

We understand, we are users too....HOWEVER the thesis is still solid.

Give consumers everything they want and share with them a part of the $60million an hour.


Even if we can only get 1% of the US to take what could be available to them that represents $20million a day!

My guess is if you are using tools that may not be as pretty, but see your available bank balance grow from your every day activities, that you might be willing to give us a try. YOU ARE HERE, and still reading so SIGN UP NOW and see where we can INCLINE TOGETHER!

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