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Cant Find Car Keys - Is It ADHD or Something Else

What is going on in your brain anyway when you can't find car keys- is it ADHD or something else? What's happening is that your brain has neural transmitters that are being affected by many things. Neurotransmitters are actually chemicals. it is important for the receptor sites to be full. If the receptor sites are not full, then what happens is you begin to be ADD.

Can't Find My Car Keys

You are going to be scattered and begin to be agitated or irritable.  Your kids can be just all over the place. Does anybody recognize any of those symptoms in your family? Okay, when you can't find your car keys, you call someone and you forget why you called - has that happened to y'all?

Disorganized, Scattered, Losing Things - Is it ADD

You can't seem to get organized you and your child or scattered and they forget to tell you something that they need. Then you're up at midnight and you go to Walmart. Has that happened to you? I've done it before.

Signs and Symptoms that Neurotransmitters are Off

Anyway those are all signs and symptoms of the neurotransmitters being off. There are three  transmitters that you have that are inhibitory and then there are two that are excitatory. I've added in there histamine. Histamine is a central nervous system stabilize.  If your histamine is off not from an allergy so much, then your body's going to be off.  

Recognize these characters? Okay so serotonin, dopamine, and Gaba are inhibitory. What that really means is if they are not balanced, you're going to not feel balanced and calm. You're going to be scattered you're going to be agitated. What they do is  inhibit your brain from overreacting. If you have those neurotransmitters balanced, then you're not going to over react to things.