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We look around Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. It does not matter the city that we we travel to or we live in. Everywhere we turn there are storage units. People have so much stuff that they can't keep it all in their house. They need more space to put their stuff in. So one of the questions that we get as agents here at insurance for Texans is -

 Does my home insurance policy cover my stuff that's in storage?

Ultimately, when you go to rent the space they will try to offer you damage protection for your content that you putting inside your storage unit. The good news for you is that yes, typically speaking, your home insurance does cover your stuff that is off-premise, meaning it's not in your home. Your stored belongings are  someplace else in the world.

 Now there are some restrictions. Let's talk about a sub limit. Let's say that your personal property limit- which is all of your contents- the things that you own- is $200,000. A sub limit is going to apply some number less than the $200,000 for most home insurance policies in the state of Texas. this sub limit for personal property off-premises means you could be traveling in Europe, or you could have your stuff in a storage facility is 10% of that personal property limit. So to get that $200,000 that means you got $20,000 worth of personal property coverage for the things that are in a storage unit.

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