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Chinch Bug Causes Identification and Treatment in North Texas

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Hi I'm Ryan with Weedex Lawn Care. Today I would like to discuss with you the devastating effects of chinch bugs can have on your warm season turf grass chinch bugs are very damaging insect and typically only affect st. Augustine grass throughout the summer months since bugs will over winter in your batch layer that that's where is the area of decompose grass between your soil in your upper plant material and then don't do over winter there and then when is the spring time comes temperatures rise a little bit will start reproducing and they can reproduce their life cycle very quickly and they also produce a lot of life cycles throughout the year but unfortunate fact is is the summer months in you know how to go on in the temperature is increased at Bachelor dries out so what happened is that kill chinch bug is perfectly happy living in that the actual air when it dries out the move up on your plant tissue and feet on it so basically think of a chinch bug is an insect that has a needle on the front of his nose and it starts its meat on your plant tissue or the leaf blade and basically sucks all the goodness out of it again to you only find these insectsst. Augustine grass so our biggest advice here we text Lawn Care is always keep an eye on your yard at least every couple days if you start to see an area of st. Augustine grass in Littleton if we start off more round of radiant area around the sidewalk or a driveway with a bachelor's probably going to dry out a little bit quicker check this area with turning on your sprinkler system maybe even using a catch can test to make sure you're having proper coverage if you're getting good sprinkler covers I would advise you to immediately call your lawn care professional to check these areas out and inspect for chinch bug damage because the quicker you can apply and insecticide to eradicate infestation and get them back under a controllable point the quicker we're going to be able to recover your lawn as you can tell what the lawn behind me it's already taking a quite extensive damage from chinch bugs this one here will be sprayed and hopefully we will get it on the path to recovery maybe not all the way through out the rest of the Summers we're getting later into the growing season but definitely have a good chance of Reviving this lawn come next spring so again a friendly reminder from weedex Lawn Care always keep an eye on your lawn for these in bathing past and call your lawn care professional immediately because it's always better to be proactive instead of reactive with issues such as these thank you and have a great day

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