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Biography Over Two Decades of Ministry Experience on Various Church Staffs and Positions 1,000's Of Hours Of Coaching Experience Undergraduate Degrees in Psychology and Theology Graduate Degree in Religious Education Certified Life Coach - Trainer - Advanced Standing Native Texan Single Father of Two Great Kids - Married Son in his late 20's - Daughter, 2016 Graduate of Allen School, will be attending Ouachita Baptist University beginning Fall 2016 majoring in Christian Studies with Plans to be a Missionary hopefully somewhere in Europe Former Pit Bull With the Largest High School Band in the Land, the Allen Escadrille, with over 800 students that march each week Hobbies Include: Running (more slowly each year) Golf (usually shooting below my age for nine holes)

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Loved, Lovable and Forgiven

Loved, Lovable and Forgiven

Welcome to today’s edition of Helping you move forward in 77 seconds brought to you by

The way we view ourselves can be one of the biggest obstacles to moving forward in our faith and in life.  We will do things, believe things, interpret things, treat people and teach people how to treat us all based on how we see ourselves.  That’s why it is so important to see the right image and the image that God sees.


The bible shows us over and over again that we are loved by our creator.  He tells us, He shows us and He demonstrates it multiple times. You just can’t dispute the fact that you are incredibly loved by God and it is a love that never ends for all eternity.


You may not feel it. You may not believe it but not only are you loved by God by you are also lovable.  I know this because each of us are His unique, incredible, gifted creation. In fact, you are so lovable that God wants to hang out with you forever.


It doesn’t matter what you have done, what you are doing or what you may do in the future.  When you turn to God in faith you are forgiven by Him for all eternity. So if God can forgive you, you should be able to look in the mirror and forgive yourself.  The price has been paid, the sacrifice has been done and you are forgiven by your creator.

At Faith Forward Coaching we challenge you to look in the mirror and say these truths to yourself, multiple times a day for at least six weeks and we believe that you will begin to see yourself as God sees you as loved, lovable and forgiven.