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Timeka Tyler is an authentic individual who is showing businesses in America how to use their community efforts and technology as leverage to guarantee longevity. She is very intentional in how she formulates strategies taking into consideration every tedious aspect of one’s business. Timeka’s greatest strengths are her foresight, drive, and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that aid in shaping public perception. Starting young, Timeka Tyler has over 10 years of experience in marketing, sales, and communications. She has a proven track record of achieving results others believed to be impossible. She operates under a theory of excellence putting in and expecting pure greatness from everything she does not only in business but in her personal life. Setting and meeting high standards, Timeka Tyler is the marketing guru for the next century. Young, fiery, and gifted, she is stopping at nothing when it comes to accomplishing the goals of businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide.

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Business marketing

now consists of telling your audience about your business and making sure that they are satisfied with their experience. Your customers can literally tell the world about their experience with your products or services in a matter or minutes, helping or hurting your brand. On the flip side, your target audience is using the internet daily to guide them in their buying decisions. That is one of the main frustrations of digital marketing, Google website ranking. 

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average (visualize them here), which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. (

What are your customers searching on Google and other search engines as it relates to your industry?

How can you realistically rank your website higher in Google?

These are valid questions and the proof lies in the results so, let's talk results. 

Incline, is the world's first video based digital optimization platform. It's the first of its kind. The Incline platform uses the ranking power of video to help businesses show up in organic searches online. It's really that simple!!

Unlike common SEO tools,

the Incline platform does not have to go into the back end of a website in order to be effective, in addition, there are no contracts involved for customers looking to increase their business online presence with the Incline platform. This platform is so powerful because it gives the brand new business owner a chance to have an online presence in spite of any online authority that its competitors have. All businesses now have a fair chance to compete in the online competition for competitors. 

But, as promised, we are talking results so watch the video again and let the results speak for themselves. 

So recently,  I Googled "easy do yoga" (and keep in mind, your location is a factor as to what will show up on your search). I then clicked on the video tab and if you look closely, you will see that this Incline customer is ranking # 1, #2, & #3. WOW!

That's the Incline magic! 

I can't stress to you how real and effective the Incline platform is. This is one of many success stories and I will definitely be sharing more.

In the meantime. Stay in the loop.

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