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Top Vine Alternatives

Top Vine Alternatives

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Top Vine alternatives seem to be popping up everywhere, but so far none seem to meet the need of people needing to know what to do with 6 second Vines, where to store their videos, or what is next for this tight knit social media community. 

  • My company is developing an app to meet several needs that we how found lacking in our beloved Vine and other social media apps.
  • We feel that creators should be able to make money for all of their hard work, so we already have monetization in place. 
  • We want to help build careers of great, family friendly influencers. We feel the world has too much negative content and want to promote uplifting content that will help help rather than harm.
  • We want you to be a part as we create this app, so we will be creating a space for your ideas to be heard.

I have been extremely involved in the Vine community for over three years, and have formed many friendships with some amazing people. some of these top vine creators are already involved in helping us develop scoop, along with some of the very best programmers and innovative entrepreneurs in the business. There are many tight knit communities within the Vine family, and I would hate to see these disbanded just because Twitter is shutting down Vine. There is so much more that we can do together if we can create a community meant to uplift and encourage. A community based on more than just self promotion and the pressure to achieve social media fame. That may be fun for a while, but there is no real happiness found in that. Let's come up with ideas that will promote actual purpose and fulfillment by building an a community of amazing people doing amazing things to make this word a better place. A place where you can actually earn money for creating great content and for coming up with great ideas.

Does this sound too idealistic, or would you like to be a part of helping us build this new social media app from the ground up? Click the link to sign up and let us know you are interested. we will let you know when we are in beta and you can help us test everything out. Let's do this!

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Thanks for listening and I'll see you on Scoop!

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