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Christian Yoga Let's TWIST and DETOX - 20 Minutes with Easy-Do-Yoga Ursula Perez Yoga & Fitness

Spend 20 Minutes today, with Easy-Do-Yoga to TWIST and DETOX your body. Ursula Perez will demonstrate different Yoga twists to target upper, middle and lower back muscles which surround the spine. Regular YOGA practice with Twisting will help your posture, keep your spinal muscles mobile, and reduce back pain.
We will introduce fresh blood supply to your abdominal organs as we twist and move today. Increased circulation will cleanse the cells and help to move waste out of the digestive tract. The benefits of Yoga Twists are amazing. So let's twist and detox your body.
Furthermore CHRISTIAN YOGA with Ursula will focus on the power of faith filled spoken words. 

Provers 18:21
Words kill, Words give life,
they're either poison or fruit - you choose.