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Christina Smet's Featured Video

Let it Be (Spoken Word)

Thank you for watching my spoken word “Let it Be”.

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Christina is a creative in the DFW area. She is available for custom songwriting, co-writing, worship leading, and performing spoken words. If you are interested in contacting her, her business email is 

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“‘Let it Be’ flowed from reflecting a lot about this past year. What I have learned about Jesus, what I have learned about people and possessions, how I can better serve others by using what I have for His Kingdom. Growing more and more out of infant faith and more and more into mature faith. As I have been learning to approach the throne of God in confidence, through the power of His Word and the guidance of His Spirit, this has caused an unexplainable peace to go afraid and share the art that has only been written and inspired by grace and New Life in Jesus. This spoken word is one of reflection; the conclusions and in-betweens of many hard lessons, each one of them gifts. And as much as I hope and pray that these words resonate with one of y'all, I am not releasing this for you to accept and like what I am saying. This is the stomping and crushing of the enemy, the glorious celebrating of victory in Jesus. This is for celebrating Jesus' victory WITH YOU, in your own story and my own. //  ‘Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon His Name; make known His deeds among the peoples!’ - Psalm 105:1 // So as we walk into 2017 together, we will fear no evil for our God is with us. We will walk in the manner to which we were called, using our proper weaponry; knowing that life will be hard, but not expecting the trials with negative attitudes. By His grace and Spirit we can walk into this next year FULL OF JOY knowing that our God is our Rock, our Hope, our Mighty Mountain, our Salvation. He is faithful, He is Love, and He is who He says He is.” - Christina Smet