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Do I Have ADHD Anxiety or Depression

Do I Have ADHD Anxiety or Depression

If you are struggling with the symptoms of ADHD, there is hope. Dr. Teresa Jones at Whole Health Chiropractic in Garland Texas is an expert in natural treatment for ADHD and other brain chemistry disorders. Did you know that a few lifestyle changes and an organic clean eating plan can make all the difference in the way your brain functions? Dr. Jones can set up an individualized organic eating plan that will begin to make amazing changes in your physical and mental health. Combined with her other natural and holistic therapies for spine health, Dr. Jones will quickly have you on your way to total health. Walk into her beautiful spa and be surrounded by warm and caring people. When you meet Dr. Jones, you will be enveloped in her warm, enthusiastic and joyful spirit. You will know that you are in good hands. Call today and get started!

Why Do I Feel Anxious, Unfocused, Depressed, and Have No Motivation

The human body contain over 50 trillion cells and each cell contains a complete set of instructions for making you. When your nutrition is not what it is suppose to be you begin to have disease, allergies, pain and even lack of motivation. Call Dr Teresa jones to find out how your nutrition and spinal alignment can help you to have more optimal energy and motivation to change your lifestyle. 

Why am I So Stressed Out all of the Time

Are you starting your day stressed and rushed to get what you need to get done? Do you get your kids up and grab a cup of coffee on the run, or do you drive through a fast food place so your family can eat something before heading off in all directions? If so, I feel sure that at the end of the day you are tired, the kids are fighting, and everyone is generally stressed out.

Why am I so Anxious all the Time

Want a solution and a better way to have the energy you need? Would you like to put an end the irritability you family struggles with at the end of the day? Call Dr Teresa Jones to find out how organic clean eating can be affordable. Combining an organic eating clean plan with spine health is important for brain health

If you struggle with:

•Anxiety - If you feel stressed, have panic attacks, feelings of impending doom, an unending worry cycle, visualization of bad things happening, intrusive thoughts, perfectionism, fears and phobias, trouble sleeping or relaxing, and more, you are not alone. There is help, and Dr. Teresa Jones is full of helpful treatments for anxiety.

•Depression - suicidal thoughts, low energy, sleeplessness or sleeping too much, sadness or blues, irritability, changes in appetite and weight, agitation, slowed movements and speech, fatigue, sense of worthlessness, guilt, ADHD type symptoms, you may be depressed. There is hope and help. If you have had any of these symptoms for more than two weeks, call Dr. Jones to be on your way to better brain health.

•Irritability - This can be a sign that your brain chemistry is out of whack. Some simple diet changes and regular spinal adjustments can have you feeling better.

•ADHD -The most common symptoms are  inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. ADHD is treatable and manageable, and it is difficult to diagnose. Dr. Jones is an expert in ADHD and other brain disorders, and she would love help you overcome the struggles associated with ADHD. Call today and set up an appointment to get started!

Lack of Motivation - 

and other brain chemistry disorders, Dr. Jones can help. Give her a call and let her evaluate and get you on your way to whole health.

Why Do I Feel So Tired All the Time 

Your body is dependent on what you eat to repair its cells, tissue and DNA. If you are waking up every morning feeling tired, hurting and anxious not wanting to start your day there is a solution. Call Dr Teresa Jones and find out why you are not feeling your best. Her goal is to help you achieve whole health.

Organic Clean Eating is a Healthy Brain Diet

Find out how eating organically and keeping the nerve flow to your organs and brain opened you can support your motivation centers in your brain. Doctor Teresa Jones can help you set up a healthy organic clean eating plan that will help heal your body, your brain chemistry, and your emotions.


If you feel that you are struggling with ADHD and it’s associated brain chemistry disorders, call Dr. Teresa Jones today. There is hope and healing for you.

This Channel is Sponsored By Doctor Teresa Jones